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Return to the present moment

Mindfulness Bell

The mindfulness bell plays a sound of your choosing, repeatedly, at an interval of your choosing.What you use the reminder for is up to you.Some people get distracted easily, and want to be reminded to stay on task. For others, distraction is not the problem. They want to be reminded to take regular breaks. Some people just want a reminder to bring them back to the present moment:"What are you doing right now? Is it still what you intended to be doing?"

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New for macOS Sonoma


Mindful Mynah has been completely rewritten to take advantage of features introduced with macOS Sonoma. You can now place an interactive widget on your desktop or in Notification Center that allows you to start and stop reminders with a button click.

Interactive Widget

Also new is the Reminder Phrase widget. Available in a range of sizes, this widget allows you to use a word or short phrase as a visual reminder throughout the day.

Reminder Phrase widget

New for macOS Sonoma

Shortcuts Integration

Start and stop the mindfulness bell, or change the reminder sound, via the Shortcuts app. Add Mindful Mynah to your own custom workflows.

Happy Customers

"Mindful Mynah pulls you away from distractions with a gentle tone." - Lifehacker review.

"I love this simple and well designed app" - ★★★★★ App Store review

"Love the subtle call to attention, and the flexibility this app provides ... well worth the menu bar real estate"

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